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The Present. The Future is Now.

Within the emerging moving image culture and screen ecologies new production forms and formats appear on the horizon. These are driven by the affordances of mobile media and embrace the potential of decentralised networks. This keynote will feature some creative provocations related to recent developments in the ‘present’ production, dissemination, and exhibition process of filmmaking and screen production. Through proposing ‘Cinema 3.0’, this presentation further develops Cinema 2.0 through decentralised approaches. An imaginative and playful engagement with disruptive technologies and emerging media, such as artificial intelligence and synthetic media, is required to understand its limitations and how creativity can push our understanding about potential future scenarios for independent film. The argument is not that artificial intelligence in screen productions or decentralised approaches will be the ‘holy grail’ for independent filmmaking, but for filmmakers this could provide an alternative to ‘get a project off the ground’, reach new audiences (Schleser 2022) and explore novel production processes.

Creative Practice Research facilitates iterative experimentation, which can re-define the contemporary understanding of production and pedagogy alike. This presentation will propose that thinking about mobile media requires to look at projects that think through mobile media. Some of the current developments in smartphone filmmaking provide novel insights for storytelling and creative process in filmmaking more generally. While smartphone filmmaking has embraced the domain of feature films and the iPhone 13 introduced the cinematic mode, the LiDAR sensor will also influence smartphone filmmaking’s continuous aesthetic refinement. In this context one can mention various emerging mobile moving image practices, such as collaborative and co- created stories, mobile films edited on location and new mobile perspectives via drones or underwater filmmaking.

Day 1 (October 31st)
  • 10:00
  • Max Schleser
  • Lecture Theater

Day 1 (October 31st)

Max Schleser is Associate Professor in Film and Television and a researcher in the Centre for Transformative Media Technologies (CTMT) at Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia), Adobe Education Leader, founder of the Mobile Innovation Network & Association (www.mina.pro) and Screening Director of the International Mobile Innovation Screening & Festival.