As we keep shifting from literature culture to visual culture in these past decades, the role of the digital world brought by technology has created new ways to live and express ourselves as a visual society. The 2020 pandemic has even forced us to take refuge in it, making the concept of living as a digital society more relevant than ever. The behemoth of internet, social media, and digital platforms condensed into our screens shaped new relationships between the form, the content, and the context of cinema and moving image. It innovates, redefines, and provides us a new understanding of how cinema and moving image operates as a medium of art, social, and cultural expression. Between the messy plethora of narratives in the digital media, compelling storytelling could be the curator. As homo fabula, a storytelling creature, we always engaged with compelling stories. It is an effective way to voice a meaningful expression. This conference will be a platform to show the new forms of storytelling through cinema and moving images in a contemporary digital society..

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