List of Accepted Entries

No Title Authors
1 The Effects of User-Generated Content on Social Media Advertising Strategy in A Case Study of #Gundalafanart Campaign For The Movie “Gundala” (2019) Z F Jasmine
2 Semiotics Analysis in the Symbolic of Colors on “Ave Maryam” (2018) Monica Veralda
3 Designing a 2D Animated Music Video (Case Study: The Song “Pengingat” by Kunto Aji) Yuventia Kalonica L Sanchia
4 Composition Method In Creating Storyboard Novel “My Idiot Brother” M Roselin and N Y Heryanto
5 Animating and Designing Movements for Turtle Figurein 3D Animated Short Film Entitled “TUKIK” S Halim and C M Lukmanto
6 Designing Lighting in an Animated 3-Dimensional Film Adapted from a Children’s Story by Monica Wihardja (Case Study: “Marapu dan Kampung Tarung”) Ronaldo Kilimandu Dinguamah
7 Designing Motion Comic About Information of Indonesian’s Traditional Medicine (Case Study: Djammoe) Y Satrio and A Zulkarnain
8 Using the Concept of Timeframing to Implement Animation in the Motion Comic Adaptation of Bumi Kezia Rachel Pangaribuan
9 Analysis on Laika’s Puppets in Kubo and the Two Strings: A Stop-Motion Animated Feature A E Halim, J Russel and K Nathanael
10 Analysis of The Cathartic Effect In The Film “Jurassic Park (1993)” Anastasia Vita, Shannon Glenda Tenardi, Sherina Pangestu
11 Negativity in Joker Character Frans Sahala MR
12 Blind Artist Self Portrait and Materiality in Stop-motion Animation B Yekti
13 The use of Freytag’s Pyramid Structure to Adapt “Positive Body Image” Book into a Motion Graphic Structure Aprilia Debora
14 Promoting Character Through Partnership Marketing and Interactive Advertising K Sudarsono
15 Buzz Marketing as a New Practice of Digital Advertising: A Study Case on Scarlett Whitening brand R H N Karimah and Fadillah
16 Counter Advertising in Indonesian Advertising Industry P Alferan and Fadillah
17 Business Aspect of Intellectual Properties “Si Juki” Yohanes Merci Widiastomo
18 “Setan Jawa” Film: Revival CinematicOrchestra as Cultural Communication in Digitizing Era Agustina Kusuma Dewi, Irfansyah, Acep Iwan Saidi
19 Designing Anthropomorphic Cat Family Characters in 2D Animated Short Film “Hanyut” D H Ruswandi and D A Purwaningsih
20 Analyzing “Soul” as a Representation of Existential Crisis C Y Tanesia, H Christian, Y K L Sanchia, J Putra
21 The Application of Binaural System on Virtual Reality Technology Through the Animation of Wayang Kulit Yogyakarta Performance Jason Obadiah
22 Indonesia Kris Representation on Virtual YouTuber “Anya Melfissa” Visual Identity D William, Dianing Ratri, and Irfansyah
23 Disney Portrayal of Gender Roles in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Beauty and the Beast, and Frozen S I Linando
24 Animation Design in an Animated 3-Dimensional Film Adapted from a Children’s Story by Monica Wihardja (CASE STUDY: “Marapu and Kampung Tarung”) Albert Lorents
25 Design of The Narrative Structure of Berau Natural Tourism Promotional Video using Freytag’s Pyramid Method Sonia Winner Nursalim and Alfansyah Zulkarnain
26 Capturing Intimacy and Loneliness: Designing Shot to Visualize Character’s Emotional Changes In “Blue” Music Video Jimmy, C Aditya
27 Y Trydydd Masg [The Third Mask] Dafydd Sills-Jones
28 Applying Post-colonial theory “Inferiority Complex” Concept on Film Production in Short Film “Luckiest Man on Earth” as a Social Phenomenon Euro Linus and Lala Palupi Santyaputri
29 Content Analysis of “27 Steps of May” (2018) Using Auteur Theory Nadya T. Wiradian
30 Design Process Of Visual Concept Assimiliation Of Traditional Clothing With Science Fiction From The Adaptation Of The Bumi Novel By Tere Liye Adrian Pratama
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